Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welcome to my humble blog.

I am Jill.  I debated about using names vs pseudonyms on this blog.
Names won out. I love when I am reading blogs to know what the author's name is and what she chose to name her little ones.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and three children.... all three are within three years of age!  Fun times!  We are a Catholic family and I struggle figuring out how to keep them quiet during mass while getting something out of it for me (open to tips!).  I work part of the time outside of the house... my heart's desire is to be a SAHM but it's not possible at this time. Ugh. But  I make the most of it with a flexible schedule and smart work habits.

I like to read and knit.  I loved traveling before kids... now it seems impossible.  

Anyway... I am Jill... and this is me (I also love pics on blogs!):

I am a wife.  To John.  We got married in 2006. We were both "older" when we got married.  Glad I waited!! He's an English teacher at a Catholic High School.  He likes teaching and he loves coaching Academic Decathlon.  He is a wannabe Jeopardy star.   He blogs some about our family... mostly quick stories that involve kids or bunnies.  Bunny on the Head

We love being parents to Mary Jane, Betsy, and Jack.  (See their adoption stories on the Adoption page.)
Mary Jane was born in 2010.  She is our leader.  She is strong and determined.  She may be quiet but she has an opinion. 

And then we have Betsy.  Betsy is my funny girl.  She experiences life with high highs... and well the lows ... hmmm... lots of crying :)  She is also determined and focused but she loves to make people laugh. 

Last but definitely not least.. Jack!  Also known as Jack Jack and Goo!  We love our brother!  He is so laid back and happy!  What a blessing he's  been!

That's US! And this is my imperfect blog.


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  1. Eeee! I just made the connection that this is your new blog!!! :) I'm so silly for not realizing it when you did the Little Happies post. I love your new blog so much and I love seeing all these pictures. :) It's wonderful. So glad I finally figured it out. Beautiful wedding pic, btw!