Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Five Faves: Children's books with Adoption Themes

Good morning!

I am linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife to share Five Faves.  (For the record, I'd like Hallie to be my next door neighbor! She is just so much fun.)

In thematic fashion, I am sharing five children's books that  have adoption themes.

What?? Your children aren't adopted?? No need to read this list??
I challenge you to read it and read one or more to your children.  Check them out from your library.
Do it as a favor to me and my family--- help your children come to know that there are all sorts of families and all should be appreciated and respected.

So without further ado:

1.  This book is definitely my favorite.  It took me many reads before I could read it without crying.  It's a sweet story about a bird who is looking for a mom and soon finds that the perfect mom for him may not look like him.    I love love love this book.  

For little people, this book can open up a discussion how not everyone in a family may look the same.

2.  This book was written after the authors wrote God Gave Us You.   This book is clearly an adoption book as opposed to some of my other favorites.  I think this is a great book to read to young school children who ask questions about classmates or friends that maybe adopted.  It's a sweet story about a Mama Fox praying and waiting for the perfect baby.  God ultimately provides a baby for the Fox family.

3.  This book is not an adoption book but it's a book that discusses the beautiful shades of skin.  I think every family should read this book-- whether you are home schooled, in an urban school, or in an all Caucasian school (like me growing up).

Mary Jane, my 3.5 year old, gravitates toward this book right now.  The back page has drawings of different hands.  Each is a different color. She likes to name off people in our community who have each color skin.  I love it!  My prayer is to raise children who are happy with the color of their skin and the differences we see in the world.  

4.  My cousin gave me this book.  I was familiar with the title... but I was not interested because none of my children came from an orphanage in China.  

Hmm....  isn't that a good reason to read the book?  To teach my children about other families??!

This is a sweet story of a mama (I sense she might be a single mama) who adopts from China.  Mary Jane is fascinated with the drawing of the babies in cribs in the orphanage.  There are several babies in each crib.  She always stops at that picture and asks questions about why they share a crib.  As soon as she did that, the light bulb when off-- this is an important story too... she needs to know how all babies join families and some start off in an orphanage. 

5.  Big box stores sold this book a few years ago so it's likely on your shelf already!  My BFF gave us this book and it was instantly a favorite.  It is not an adoption book but it's a world view book of how different babies live and how we are all the same.

For me, this was the first "adoption book" I read to my girls.  (I need to start reading it to Jack!).  It opens the discussion about looking different but being the same.  

There are so many more favorite adoption related books... I may have to do a 2.0 version next week :)



  1. What a great list! I never would have thought of books on this subject, but it's a great way to teach our children about a very real and fairly common life experience.

    1. Thanks Amy... I just connected dots and realized you wrote "Faith Beginnings". I happened across it at my Pauline Bookstore a few weeks ago. I am struggling to find time to read it (3 within 3 years like you!).... but I know I'll love it!