Friday, January 9, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

I've not blogged since August... but really I am not a blogger. I wish I was... but it just isn't in my daily schedule.

Seven Quick Takes December Style.

1.  Mary Jane's birthday is in early December.  We celebrated St. Nicolas day with fun goodies in our shoes (no pics).. and then had a day of fun at home.  Friends came over and we made sugar cookies (emphasis on the sugar!) and played with our bunnies... and overall just had a fun time celebrating four!

2.  On Mary Jane's actual birthday, she enjoyed all the joys of opening presents.  But her favorite present had to be her very own sleeping bag.  She and Betsy loved to snuggle.  It's amazing how snuggily they can be and how quickly that all shifts.  <sigh>

3.  Fast forward to closer to Christmas (we are missing pics from our Christmas tea, our Jesse tree, our Christmas tree... see I am not a blogger!)...  We headed East to celebrate Christmas with my parents.  They live in Arizona on a large plot of land.  That means lots of dirt, bike riding, and fun rides on ATVs and Grandpa's tractor.

4.  Christmas Eve ended with reading "The Night Before Christmas..."  I am not crazy about Santa Claus... but he visits.  And the girls love it.  

5.  Fast forward to Christmas morning.... Mama... I mean Santa had a great idea.  Single serving cereal in the stocking!  That meant we could open stockings and have a quick but fun breakfast and head to Mass.  It worked brilliantly... everyone was happy (well that may be an exaggeration... but it worked!)

6.  And they kids had a lovely set of new gifts.  Several, like this bouncy house, will stay at Grandma's house.  They loved it.  Aunt Lisa gave it to them.... she got it used (!) from her coworker.  What a fun treat.  And Jack loved it too.  He would giggle and flop around as the girls bounced and bounce.  The other big hit was a new scooter for each girl.  They have mastered it.. so much I am nervous! 

7.  And as we typically do, we ended the year back in Los Angeles celebrating with John's dad who turned 82 on NYE!  Thanks to my father-in-law, we always have NYE plans... lunch at Polly's Pie followed by bowling.  And let me say.... my 82 FIL bowled better than most of the people in attendance!

Happy 2015! 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely month! I probably take too many pictures because I think "I might blog about this!!!" We also traveled for Christmas but we hardly ever do anything for New Year's Eve. :) Thanks for linking up with 7Qt!